Info Jobs from Virama Karya (Persero)

Virama Karya (Persero) as a BUMN Consultant Company, opens the opportunity to join the competent Power Programmer (code: WP), and has high integrity and dedication to work, to be placed in Jakarta.

With the required Qualifications and Requirements, as follows:

Man Woman.
Minimum Education S1 Informatics Engineering from Leading and Accredited Universities.
Have Work Experience as Web Programmer at least 3 (three) years.
Domicile Jakarta and surrounding areas.


Advanced Programming Languages ​​PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
Has the ability of Mysql database, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Xampp.
Has Windows Operating Capabilities, Linux.
Has ability in using JavaScript Framework (Jquery).
Has Open Source Server Operating Capabilities (Apache), Filezilla, Cpanel.
Have Ability in mobile application development (Android and iOS).
Have ability in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application development.

For those of you who are interested please immediately send application application accompanied by Application Letter, Curriculum Vitae, Scan diploma and Transcript, KTP (valid), NPWP, Pas Foto warna (recent), Work Reference addressed to Head of Public & Human Resources Bureau PT Virama Karya ( Persero), and sent to: E-mail
Please include "WP" position code on E-mail subject
Application acceptance by no later than December 31, 2017


PT Astra International Tbk Latest Jobs Large-scale

Recruitment system work in Indonesia both private companies and SOEs have done recruitment online or via email. for example pertamina company, garuda Indonesia, brantas abipraya etc. job applicants only need to fill in the data and upload the required file and after submitted, the company just check the applicant's application. of course this ease is very useful for applicants and companies, can save time and cost. Here we will provide job vacancy information from Astra International Jobs, Astra International is a multinational company that runs its business in automotive meproduksi headquartered in Jakarta, 

Indonesia. Segarag The company started in 1957 under the name PT Astra International Incorporated. then in 1990, the company changed its name to PT Astra International Tbk. PT Astra International Tbk has been listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange since April 4, 1990. Currently PT Astra International Tbk majority ownership is owned by Jardine Cycle & Carriage's of 50.1%. PT Astra International Tbk is domiciled in Jakarta, Indonesia, with head office at JI. Motorway Style No. 8, Sunter II, Jakarta. 

PT Astra International Tbk has the scope of the Company's activities as stated in its articles of association are general trading, industry, mining services, transportation, agriculture, development and consulting services. The scope of the subsidiary's principal activities includes the assembly and distribution of cars, motorcycles with spare parts, heavy equipment sales and rental, mining and related services, plantation development, financial services, infrastructure and information technology.

HC Trainee
Bachelor Degree from All Economics, Psychology, law, Industrial Engineering, Communication and Business Administration
 Fresh graduate or max. 2 years of experience
 Passionate in Human Resource
 Good analytical thinking and interpersonal skills
 Proactive and eager to learn
 Actively involve in campus organization activities

Accounting Analyst
Bachelor degree from Accounting
Fresh graduated or experienced max. 2 years work
Mastering accounting principles is a must
Good interpersonal and communication skills

AIHO - Tax Admin
Minimal education: D3
Major: Taxation / Accounting
Work experience: 0 - 2 years
Willing to be placed in Sunter

For those of you who qualify and are interested in applying for this position please register online through this page:
This recruitment is free of charge. Good luck.

This recruitment is free of charge. Good luck.