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Jobs PLN ( State Electricity Company , English : ' State Electricity Company ' ) is an Indonesian government - owned corporation ( SOEs), the which has a monopoly on electricity distribution in Indonesia . The PLN is Indonesia 's second-largest company by assets, the state 's top level management , headed by the president director , reports to a government - appointed board.
The reliability and quality of electricity supply in Indonesia has steadily improved in recent decades . Supply is more reliable in Java Because The grid is Relatively well - developed Compared to the situation in the Outer Islands ( such as Sumatra , Sulawesi and Borneo ) where most areas are serviced by localized systems powered by small diesel Often plants . However the power outages are still common , even in Java . There was , for example , a par-ticularly severe power outage in 2005 Reportedly the which affected around 100 million people across Java and Bali for over five hours .
Shopping Direct Recruitment Location London PT PLN ( Persero ) Level S1/D4/D3 2014
Sector / Education Department sought :
S1/D4 :

Power Lines Electrical Engineering / Power Engineering / Power ( Code : S1/ELE )
Flow Weak Electrical Engineering / Control / Instrumentation ( Code : S1/ALE )
Civil Engineering ( Code : S1/SIP )
Mechanical Engineering ( Code : S1/MES )
Geodesy ( Code : S1/GEO )
D3 :

Power Lines Electrical Engineering / Power Engineering / Power ( Code : D3/ELE )
Flow Weak Electrical Engineering / Control / Instrumentation ( Code : D3/ALE )
Civil Engineering ( Code : D3/SIP )
Mechanical Engineering ( Code : D3/MES )
Management to study programs / majors : Business Management , Industrial Management , Business Administration , Business Administration and Marketing Management ( Code : D3/MAN )
General Requirements :

Unmarried status and willing to not get married during their Pre-service Training
Passed S1/D4 or D3 from :
Bandung Institute of Technology ( ITB )
Bandung State Polytechnic ( Polban )
Universitas Padjadjaran ( Padjadjaran University )
University of Indonesia ( UI )
Jakarta State Polytechnic ( PNJ )
University of Diponegoro ( Diponegoro University )
Semarang State Polytechnic ( POLINES )
Gadjah Mada University ( UGM )
Vocational School UGM
UB ( UB )
State Polytechnic of Malang ( Polinema )
Universitas Airlangga ( Airlangga University )
Institute of Technology ( ITS )
Passed S1/D4 or D3 ages :
S1/D4 : Birth in 1988 and thereafter
D3 : The Birth of 1990 and thereafter
Grade Point Average :
GPA > 2.75 for majoring in Electrical Engineering ( Power Lines and Flow Weak ) , Civil Engineering , Mechanical Engineering and Geodesy ;
GPA > 3.00 for Management majors .
Registration Time : March 28-April 8 , 2014 ( 16:00 pm GMT )
How to Apply :

Fill out the registration form here ONLINE AND PRINTED submit the application file to the office of ITB Career Center with a complete application file as follows :
Application letter addressed to PT PLN ( Persero ) cq Head of HR and Talent Development Division ;
Curriculum Vitae ( CV ) ;
Copy of birth certificate ( if not already there , to be followed at the time of the interview ) ;
Copy of Diploma / Certificate of Graduation legalized ;
Copy of final transcripts were legalized ;
Copy of ID card ;
Recent color photograph size 3x4 sheets of 2 ( participant's name written on the back of the photo) ;
Applicants to the graduate program of the Cross Channel ( D3 are forward D4/S1 ) , must attach :
D3 transcripts legalized
D3 diploma legalized
Please print the file submitted to the ITB Career Center no later than Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 4 pm . Files that are received after that time will not be processed .
During the selection process , if there is a mismatch of data , participants expressed FALL .Applicants are only allowed to select one (1) Field / Majors appropriate level of education and courses / areas of interest held .Call participants , passing each stage of the test and test location will be announced via the website ITB Career Center in Selection Includes :

Selection Administration
Psychological tests and group discussions
Health tests (to applicants with disabilities , special requirements apply as needed and applicable regulations )
Pre-service Training

* The order of selection process may change according to the needs of PT PLN ( Persero )

No correspondence relating to the recruitment and Recruitment Team decisions can not be contested .
There is no charge whatsoever in following the selection organized by PT PLN ( Persero ) .
No refund or replacement systems for transportation and accommodation costs associated with the implementation of the selection . PT PLN ( Persero ) is not responsible for any form of loss caused by fraud on behalf of PT PLN ( Persero ) .


Jobs Bank BNI

On 28 November 1996, PT Bank Negara Indonesia Persero Tbk (BNI) and PT Asuransi Jiwasraya jointly set up a life insurance company under the name of PT Asuransi Jiwa BNI Jiwasraya atau BNI Jiwasraya, which provides a range of insurance products such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance , Personal Accident Insurance, Annuity and Pension. Establishment of an insurance company is in line with the needs of BNI to provide integrated services and financial services for all its customers (one-stop financial services).

Along with the dynamic development of BNI Jiwasraya, the composition of its shareholding underwent a change. In 2004 a majority shareholding in the hands of BNI, the company name changed to PT BNI Life Insurance (BNI Life). Transformation is followed by the logo change and the development of products that are more innovative, such as severance pay and insurance products combined insurance products with investment protection (unit-linked).

BNI Life currently has 4 channels of distribution, namely Agency, Bancassurance, Employee Benefits and Sharia. Agency sold through agents who market individual products. Bancassurance is sold through a network of BNI. Employee Benefits market group insurance products to companies. While Islamic insurance products to both individuals or a collection of Islamic system.

BNI Life is looking for :

Relationship Manager – Bancassurance Telesales

Helping direct or direct report managers in carrying out tasks that support the Bancassurance business .
Provide regular reporting which supports the Bancassurance business
Special Requirements :

Male / Female
Look attractive
Age 28-35 Years
Minimum education S1 , Department of Economics Management , Business Administration , and the like .
Minimum 2 years experience in Relationship Management or Bancassurance business in such bank or financial istitusi Insurance ( higher priority )
competence :
Well behaved , friendly , business oriented and nimble in response to the Business Partner
Able to operate Ms . Office well
Active EnglishStaff Bancassurance PartnershipResponsibilities :

Carry out administrative functions in the Business Unit In Branch - Emerald
Coordination with relevant units in the company's internal processes to ensure business operations run in accordance with the co-operation
Assist managers in conducting Strategic MarketingSpecial Requirements :

Gender : Male or female
Age : 26 s / d 35 years
Education : S1
Majors : All Majors
Work Experience : Min . 2 years
competence :
Has a high capability in terms of administration
Mastering Microsoft Office ( Excel , Word , Powerpoint )
Have good communication skills
Have a good analysis and strategySharia Administration Policy StaffResponsibilities :

The process of adding Askes
Askes reduction process
Askes plan change process
Addition participant Product Bundling & Co. Insurance
Confirmation of participant refusal Product Bundling & Co. Insurance
Refund participant contributions Product Bundling & Co. Insurance
Perform administration of membership to Insurance Co.
Internal and external complaints handlingSpecial Requirements :

Gender: Male - Male
Age : 23 s / d 35 years
Education : S1
Department: Pharmacy / Public Health
Work Experience : Min . 2 years
competence :
Have good communication skills
Can work in a team work
Can operate MS.Office
Knowing the process flow Askes
energeticStaff Recruitment OfficerResponsibilities :

Assist Assistant Manager Recruitment & Perfomance Management System in planning , implementing and developing needs of employees of BNI Life .
Sorting and selecting administration to candidates who have been elected in accordance with the qualification .
Carrying out the administration and evaluation of employee performance evaluation , include : Probation , Pro - hired , PJS / PGS and 360 ◦
Provide notification / information to the prospective employee level assistant manager by email / telephone / letter , for the recruitment process to the next : Interview , Psycho and Medical Check Up
Coordinate with related Work Unit , subject : Administrative prospective employees for Psycho , Medical Check Up Results , Recruitment Results overall
Conducting interviews to prospective employees for : Level Staff , Employee Outsource , daily employee / internship ,
The process of data collection and analysis for : Work Load Analyst , Job Description , etc. .
To coordinate with the outsorce subject : Creating job order and rekapannya , Conduct follow-up and target job order fulfillment , Doing hiring processes that have been through the interview process
Drafting advertisements and send to JobsDB party advertisement vendor like , etc. .
Carry out other tasks with the authority given to the boss .
Make the performance evaluation outsorce
Creating rejection letters to candidates who do not meet the qualifications .Special Requirements :

Minimum Education : S1 Psychology
Minimal Training : Behavioral event interview ( BEI )
Minimum Experience : 1 year to work in psychology consulting firm
Preferably Male
Age 23-28 years
behavior :
Have a good level of accuracy
Systematic and detailed
Have a creative idea and a pretty good
Having the ability to communicate
Having the ability persuasive
Having the ability to analyze
Able to adjust and adapt quickly
Able to work under pressure
Having high spirit
Technical : Can using Psychology Tools , Ms . Office , B. England ( at least passive )Staff Graphic Designer & Communications SupportResponsibilities :

Responsible for maintaining and enhancing the company's image , through : development of corporate design and marketing collateral , promotional materials and communications and corporate communications support activities / other business units .
The implementation of the company's publicity material relating to Corporate Branding :
Develop design to support branding activities
Running branding material procurement process externally ( pitching ) for branding material
Coordinate with business units / work related in the implementation process of branding
Perform tasks in order to manufacture the design development company publications either internally or tuck vendors .
Develop design to support the marketing activities of business units .
Revise / relayout / redevelopment for the entire change in the collateral material
Prepare materials for company publications , press releases , events and newsletters etc. .
Provide the necessary materials for events and corporate business units .
Support the activities of the unit and Corporate SecretarySpecial Requirements :

Minimum education S1 Department of Communication
Minimal Training : Graphic Design , Communication
Experience : Minimum of 1 year in the field of graphic design
Physically and mentally healthy
Gender: Female / male
Age : 24-35 years
Behavior : Integrity , Strive for Excellence , Building Trust, Customer Focus , Communicating with impact , Initiating action
Technical :
Active English
Graphic Design : Advance
Marketing Communication : Practitioner
Event Organizing : Practitioner
Public Relations : Knowledgeable
Insurance Comprehension : KnowledgeablePublic Relations ManagerRequirements:

Gender : Male or Female
Age : 30 years - 40 years
Minimum Education : S - 1 , majoring in Public Relations / Mass Communications GPA of at least 3.00 PTN / PTS Famous
Work Experience : Minimum of 3 years working in the intended position , preferably in life insurance , bank or other financial institution
Technical Skills : Computer literate with MS programs . Office (Ms. Word , Excel , PowerPoint ) ,
Language Skills : English Active
Competencies required :
Communications skills ( public speaking , writing skills , etc. . )
Mass Media Management & Monitoring ,
leadership skills
English Tutor / TeacherRequirements:

Female / Male
Age Range : 24-33 years old
Bachelor degree ( S - 1 ) in any discipline
Minimum 6 months experience as a teacher
From English Literature Fresh graduated are welcome
English proficiency in oral and written is a must
Having passion in teaching
Patient , energetic , high motivation , good teamwork
Full time position availableManager of Accounting & ReportingSpecial Requirements :

Gender : Male or Female
Age : Minimum 30 years
Minimum Education : S - 1 , Department of Economics, Accounting with minimum GPA 3.00 PTN / PTS Famous
Work Experience : Minimum of 3 years working in the intended position , preferably in life insurance , bank or other financial institution
Technical Skills : Computer literate with MS programs . Office (Ms. Word , Excel , PowerPoint ) and accounting application programs
Language Skills : English Activecompetence :

AP has the administrative capability , Budget and Expenses .
Insurance Accounting , Taxation ,
leadership skills
Honest , thorough , quick , diligent , have a high work motivation , can work together and communicate well , disciplined , politeStrategic Relationship & Branch Liaison AssistantResponsibilities :

Responsible for kegaiatan or supporting marketing initiatives
Establish good communication to business partners
Being a liaison between Headquarters with RBM
Special Requirements :
Gender Male / Female
Age 23-35 years
Minimal S1 all the majors , but must be graduates Fresh Graduate School of Economics
Minimum 1 year working experience
Have good interpersonal skills
Have the ability to create presentation materials
Have experience of organizing an activity
Having knowledge of banking
Assistant Manager Business Analyst & QA ( IT Specialist )Responsibilities :

Responsible as an intermediary between users and IT development , manufacture and QA reuirement .
Working closely with the development team user and IT requirements as well as technology in the making .
Responsible for QA ( Quality Assurance ) and UAT ( User Acceptance Test ) .
Provide support to users for problem solving applications .Special Requirements :

Male / Female
Max Age min 25 Years 30 Years
Education min S1, preferably with a background Computer Science
Having experience working for 2 years Requirements :
Behavior : Honest , responsible , resilient
Technical : like challenges , do not give upStaff Helpdesk ProviderResponsibilities :

Helping leaders Helpdesk & Case Unit Monitoring Provider in carrying out all matters relating to the activities in the Outbound or Case Monitoring Helpdesk Provider Unit .
Helping health care providers , both of which are members of the network service providers and non- BNI Life in obtaining warranty ( limited or complete ) for the payment of the cost of health care for the insured portfolio are included in the BNI Life Insurance .Special Requirements :

Gender: Female
Education : D3 / S1
Subject : Academy of Nursing
competence :
Have good Interpersonal Relationship
Having the ability to help ( Sociality )
Able to work under pressure
Have knowledge of health and medical
Have knowledge of service

Send CV and complete application in accordance with the position of the subject at the latest December 23, 2013Applications can be addressed to BNI Life InsuranceWork Unit HR & GABNI Life TowerThe Landmark Center 21st FloorJl . Gen. . Sudirman No. . 1 , Jakarta 12910--- Update : Saturday , December 14 , 2013